4 Mildly Irritating Things All ASMR Viewers Can Relate To

When you start getting into ASMR, it’s usually pretty impressive how easy it can be to fall asleep listening to someone brushing your face, performing a full cranial nerve exam, or hiding from zombies. But after a while, you start to become acquainted with a few less-than-great things that come with being a tingle addict. So here are 4 Mildly Irritating Things All ASMR Viewers Can Relate To, in no particular order.

1. You always wake up being strangled by headphones.

It’s always so relaxing to pick a video on our smartphone, turn off the light, and drift away. Maybe it’s just that headphones are really determined to be tangled whenever no one’s looking (how do they even GET so messed up left lying motionless on a desk?), but it seems that even if you wake up in the exact same position, you are completely tangled up in those earbuds. But it’s still so worth it.

2. Having a perfect video be way too short.

This is it. The best tingles of your life. You’re already so relaxed — but still have a way to go before you’re truly knocked out. After all, before finding ASMR you had really bad insomnia, and it’s still a fair beast to battle. The way they’re whispering: perfect. That tapping? Brilliant. And then — it suddenly stops. Wondering if you accidentally pulled your headphones out or bumped the screen, you go to check… and find that that video was only 10 minutes long. That’s fairly lengthy for most YouTube videos, but for ASMR, it’s often not quite long enough for those of us who really need the help.

3. The volume of ads is always so much louder than ASMR videos.

You already conked out halfway through the video and you’re well into dreamland when suddenly — DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN SAVE FIFTEEN PERCENT BY SWITCHING TO GEICO? You’re jolted awake like someone just threw water on you and electrocuted you at the same time. Yeah, ads support the content creators, it’s how they get to make more work, it’s how things stay free, etc. We know that, and we respect that, so we let them play anyway… But we can’t promise we won’t be a little grumpy about it.

4. Losing your tingles.

It happens to the best of us. We’re so excited that everything is so tingly and wonderful and relaxing and THEN — nothing. You try video after video, but you can’t get triggered. So what happened? You just won yourself some ASMR immunity. Don’t worry; it’s not permanent. You just have to take a break from ASMR. How long? Well, anywhere from a week to several months.

But, you still love this community more than anything.

We’re here to help each other out, to be creative, to soothe minds and bodies, and to put even the most restless to sleep. There may be some less-than-pleasant things that come along with it, but your life was changed by ASMR, and there’s no place else you’d rather be.

Is there one we missed? Add on to our list of mildly irritating things in the comments!

(Image used under the Creative Commons license. Credit to Memphis-and-53rd. Colors modified.)