ASMR Interviewed: Cutebunny992

Cutebunny992 is a creator of videos that purposely trigger ASMR, which is described as a pleasant, tingly sensation in the scalp that extend down the back and out through the limbs. You can learn more about ASMR here. You can find Cutebunny992’s videos here.

You’re known as the creator of the first cranial nerve exam roleplay in the ASMR community. Where did the idea come from, and what inspired you to use it in an ASMR video?

Back then, you could not find many ASMR role-plays, because it was all about the whispered sound videos. It was the time when WhisperCrystal was active, and her whispered videos were the centre of attention. The idea of making a cranial nerve exam came suddenly to me, as I was browsing the internet for medical videos. Whispered videos were not able to bring me tingles, so I always ended up searching for medical examinations. Medical examination had all those visual triggers that I liked seeing. As I was searching, I came upon a cranial nerve examination and the tingles were outrageously strong and I thought to myself; this is the perfect role-play for ASMR. So I did some research, wrote some notes and started recording. I recorded it in one go; I was not that fussy back then, as I am now. Overall, I never thought it would be such a popular video, but I am proud of it and I consider it my own unique contribution to the ASMR world.

That was brilliant! I wasn’t around yet to experience the early days of the community, myself. It sounds like an interesting time.

Something that I know was very personal and difficult for you was that something happened that made you leave the community for a while. If you’re comfortable with it, would you like to talk about what happened?

My channel was hacked by an individual. He sent me a link that lead me to a fake YouTube page (this technique is called phishing), which required me to sign in. I did not pay attention to the URL of the page and as I thought it was YouTube, I ended up giving him my sign in details. The next morning, all my videos were deleted and instead he uploaded a few disturbing ones to make fun of me. And that is how I lost all my hard work. It was quite painful to see and I cried for days, but I got over it and I decided to stay away from this community as I was hurt a lot, for no reason.

I am so sorry. I have no idea why people do things like that. Especially when your channel was there to help people. After all of that, what inspired you to return?

I just came across an article about my story. It was a blog post by a blogger called Matt Phil Carver. I thought I would contact him to say thank for spending time and writing something for me. Things led to another and through him I started talking to Emma (WhispersRed ASMR). Talking to her made me realise how much I miss making videos. So she gave me that spark to start making videos again! I am very grateful to her.

Your story really did go around. You were missed, and it made many people afraid of who else would be forced to leave because of horrid people. How has the response been since your return?

It has been amazing!! I am a very humble person and not very confident about myself so, seeing this huge response I got, really made me feel better and gave me that motive to keep doing videos.

I always thought it is too late to get on the train again..there are so many creators right now and new ideas..and it made me consider if can I offer anything different or new?

My latest videos seem to be working for my viewers and they have been embraced at a great extent. I get many lovely comments of people stating that I have had an impact on them or I have helped them. Other comments state that my videos were those that initiated them into the ASMR world and they are happy to see me back in action.

So overall, my comeback has been filled with positivity and I am excited about the future.

And it’s well-deserved, you be sure. How has the community changed since you left?

The biggest change is in the audience. Considering GentleWhispering’s videos have millions views; that says it all.

More and more people start exploring ASMR and once they get those tingles, I know they get hooked 😛 hehe.

Of course, there are a lot more content creators compared to the past. I remember when I was active, we were about 30 ASMRtists maximum.

Another thing that has changed is the content; back them everything was very basic and you could not find any fancy role-plays, 3D sound or technology masterpiece. As I said, everything was very basic and simple. That shows how much ASMR has developed and the ‘race’  for more triggers to be explored, in order to relax the audience.

It’s like going from horse and buggy to magnet trains. So, what advice would you give to people who went through what you did with your channel?

One advice I can give is never EVER open links of any kind. Always be skeptical with the people talking you and keep your distance. In a few words, try not to give a lot of info about you. The world nowadays is pretty strange and you never know who is on the other side of your discussions.

Some very good advice from someone with much personal experience in that area. Last question: what are your favorite triggers and who are your favorite ASMRtists?

My favourite triggers are mostly visual. I am addicted to medical videos (unintentional) and personal attention (intentional). Sounds are not my thing, and that is why I never do any videos around them.

My favourite ASMRtists are GentleWhispering and Heather Feather (very classical choice 😀 ). And as new ASMRtists are concerned, I really like ASMRLoa (I like her approaches to ASMR).

Very classic choices indeed! Well, thank you for the interview. It’s been a pleasure talking with you.

Thank you very much. 🙂

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