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DonnaASMR is a creator of videos that purposely trigger ASMR, which is described as a pleasant, tingly sensation in the scalp that extend down the back and out through the limbs. You can learn more about ASMR here. You can find DonnaASMR’s videos here.

Hey! Thanks for agreeing to an interview!

Hi! Thanks for asking me!

So! Your setup for your videos is very high quality. What equipment do you use?

For me personally the visual aspect of ASMR videos is very important, so I’m trying to make my videos visually appealing for my viewers. Instead of a DSLR, I’m using two mirrorless cameras, a Sony NEX F3 and a Sony NEX 5. Not the newest or fanciest models, but they work just fine for me. I also own a couple of lenses, but I don’t want to bore anyone with the details here!

My binaural mic is called “Ohrwurm 3” (“Earworm 3“), it’s handmade, unfortunately not by me though, I definitely don’t have the skills for that. But the microphone will be replaced with a 3Dio Freespace Pro soon. I’m also using a Zoom H1 to record.

Well it all looks and sounds fabulous! I notice that you use a mannequin head in a lot of your videos. When and why did you start using it? What has the response been?

I started using the styrofoam head in October 2014. As far as I know real binaural recordings require a dummy head (or at least a pair of artificial ears), so that’s why I’m using it. A lot of people seem to like those videos where they can actually see the mannequin head. My particular model has a pretty relaxed look on its face and there’s always at least one viewer who points that out in the comments! It’s really cool!

You put a lot of time and effort into your production value, and I’m sure people do notice and appreciate it. 🙂 So you’re sort of known for being sassy to trolls in your comment section. Does that help with dealing with such negative comments?

Am I? I didn’t know that, haha! 😀 I actually ignore and delete most troll or hater comments if they don’t end up in the spam filter in the first place. Most trolls are looking for attention and they keep coming back if I or my viewers reply to them, so it’s best to keep their comments out of the public eye. I also want my channel to be as family friendly as possible.

But yes, I sometimes reply to troll comments, especially when they state something that’s completely wrong. I can’t stand when people spread false information, so I just HAVE to reply to find my inner peace, haha!

Sometimes it’s really hard to let them go, I agree! But it also true that most of them are not there to learn, and no matter how it’s explained, they are blocked out from new knowledge.

What would you say is the most common thing the trolls go on about and what would you say to them?

Hm, that’s difficult. There are obviously a lot of people that are not familiar with ASMR and if they stumble upon my or other ASMRtist’s videos, they’re (understandably) confused. Some people are curious and politely ask what’s going on, but then there are also these kinds of people that start complaining and/or insulting immediately. Not sure if they count as trolls though, I think they’re just close-minded and it makes me sad that they don’t question things.

When I get these kinds of comments, I sometimes respond in the same way. A while ago someone wrote “I don’t understand anymore. wha… wha… what is this. Some random goes on the internet and posts a video of cleaning a fake ear im done with youtube. PEACE!!!“ And I replied: “I don’t understand anymore. Wha… wha… what is this? Some random goes on the internet and ignores the title and description and doesn’t do any research! I’m not done with YouTube. PEACE!!!“

After that, he said that I was being mean (haha, what?) and that his brother actually wrote that original comment. Yeah, sure. 😀 I also like to send this link to people who ask what ASMR is or what it stands for. 😉

I get those people too. People don’t understand, and it’s unfortunate that sometimes those types of people end up introducing the world to ASMR.

Moving on to a new topic, how do you get inspiration for videos?

I like walking through toy stores or Euro stores, because they offer a variety of items that make really nice sounds and I get new ideas for future videos. I’m also inspired by a lot of other ASMRtists. There are a lot of amazingly creative people in this community! My viewers come up with new ideas from time to time as well and I’m really thankful for that!

I love it! What trigger is requested the most by your viewers?

There’s no specific trigger that’s requested a lot, it’s many different things. Most of the requests I get are things that I’ve already done in the past. (There’s a search bar on every YouTube channel, so if you’re new and don’t want to go through a ton of videos, just enter your favorite trigger to see if the content creator has already done such a video. It’s super easy and really helpful!)

I have to admit that I’m very hesitant to fulfill requests made by an individual person these days, because of all the inappropriate stuff that we‘re getting.

I mostly fulfill requests that were made by a lot of people over a longer period of time. An example: I made a few Game Boy videos a long time ago and it seems like people wanted to see more of it. So I published a new Game Boy video recently and my viewers seem to enjoy it! 🙂

It’s definitely hard to fulfill some of the more specific requests. Well how you do things is certainly paying off! You have over 55,000 subscribers now! Was there a certain video you put out that just blew up or has it been a more gradual increase?

The views of first microphone scratching video went through the roof! It passed 700k views recently and is my most watched video to date. I don’t know how and why it happened, but it was some kind of breakthrough for my channel! I also published this video on my birthday in 2013, so that was definitely an awesome present!

But most of the time the subs on my channel are gradually increasing. It also fluctuates a lot, but I guess that’s not unusual.

It always seems to happen that way! A big boom and then it goes from there. Last question: What advice would you give to new ASMRtists who are struggling to get noticed?

Do what you love regardless of how many views you get! That’s the most important thing! But producing content on a regular basis really helps to get noticed. Interact with your viewers, reply to comments, post your videos on /r/asmr, use social media like Twitter and Facebook. Don’t feel discouraged if your videos don’t get many views at first, it usually takes a while to build a loyal fanbase. And here’s something you shouldn’t do: Don’t try to promote your videos or channel on other ASMRtist’s videos. Most of it ends up in the spam filter anyways. Just don’t do it, trust me. 😉

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