ASMR Interviewed: Sasha ASMR

Sasha ASMR is a creator of videos that purposely trigger ASMR, which is described as a pleasant, tingly sensation in the scalp that extends down the back and out through the limbs. You can learn more about ASMR here. You can find Sasha ASMR’s videos here.

How did you get into making ASMR videos?

All my life, I always had a very soft and quiet voice and it was more of a burden than a blessing as people often couldn’t hear my soft voice (especially when I moved to Canada, as in my country generally people speak more quietly) and my husband also has trouble hearing me and often has to ask me twice what I said. Before getting into ASMR, I had another generic health and beauty related channel on YouTube. 90% of the comments were not  about the subject in my videos but how my voice was “relaxing”, “like a meditation”, “soothing” etc.

One day in June 2015 I received a comment from a subscriber who said that my voice would be perfect for something he called ASMR. I have never heard this term before so I researched it and it was like a whole new world opened in front of my eyes. I really loved ASMR when I found it and it finally felt like home, felt like this is where I belong. In July 2015 I made a new channel and my first ASMR video to give it a try and sure I got all the positive comments and it encouraged me to move on, I was surprised, amazed and just wowed by that acceptance. I really love my audience and I am very grateful to put my voice out there for a good cause and do something that brings people relief and helps with their sleep. I couldn’t be happier 🙂

It’s like you were made for this! It must have felt so good to find a place for your soft voice. What kind of equipment do you use?

Initially I started with a USB microphone that most ASMRtists start with – the Blue Yeti microphone and most of my videos up to two weeks ago were made using it. Recently, I upgraded to a in-ear binaural headphones/microphones so I could make a true binaural ear to ear sound. It took me a while to figure out the best settings and my next video will be much better than my previous ones using this microphone. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I always think, “How can I improve the quality of my audio/video?” I do a lot of research and compare a lot in terms of which microphone sounds better, what makes a video stand out and please eyes as well as ears.  In most of my videos I used a Canon 7D for video recording as this is the only camera I had that I used for photography. I love taking pictures. I got into amateur photography after doing some commercial modelling, it is one of my hobbies. The only drawback to the 7D was the size of the files were too big and moving to my pocket camera that I use for vlogs – Canon G7X – helped to bring down the size of the video files and made editing a bit easier.

You put a lot of thought into all of this! I think your viewers must appreciate that a lot. What is the most unique video you’ve ever done?

I think my “ASMR Famous and Sleepless: Psychology visit role play with Marylin Monroe” was the most unique. The role was challenging to film; I have never spliced two videos into one screen whereby I was acting as Marylin Monroe and the psychologist at the same time. What I like about this creative work is that it is a constant research and learning process. I may make a lot of mistakes but I try to improve my work and move forward. I made several good friends among other ASMR artists and they all say it is normal to make mistakes and learn from them.

I’ve seen it! I don’t know of any other video like it. What video of yours would you most like to remake now that you’ve learned even more about the process?

Oh really? I didn’t expect that, totally surprised! That’s a good question… I would like to remake a lot of them as I am naturally very fussy with a perfectionist character. After some time experimenting I gained more confidence in front of the camera and learned more about ASMR world. I still always get really shy when my husband is watching my videos in front of me. I always ask him to turn them off — that’s how shy I am. As I grow online and learn more, I’m looking forward to gaining more confidence. Back to your question, I think my Girlfriend Roleplay video would be the video to remake; I’ve learned a lot how to improve the sound quality and I also now have a binaural microphone. I find the sound ear to ear very tingly and more personal or more interesting if we can put it that way.

I’m happy to hear that! I think your confidence will keep growing and growing. What has been your experience making and sharing videos so far?

I can say with certainty it has been 100% positive for me so far. I received only [a few] negative comments that were not video related at all and 99,9% [of them are supportive]. Through making ASMR videos I discovered new friends that I will have for life and I hope I will discover more. I love doing collaborations and look forward to collaborating with many more ASMR artists.

Has it been more or less difficult than you expected?

As for making videos, I didn’t realize how difficult it is — it seems very easy when you watch someone’s video. It may look effortless, however the reality is it’s mentally challenging. After I spend hours editing a video, I listen to the content carefully (trying NOT to fall asleep which is a challenge in itself!!!) so there are no extra unpleasant noises/hisses or harsh breathing sounds or unpleasant background noises. Having said that, I still truly enjoy what I do.

How do you think being bilingual helps with making ASMR videos?

Absolutely being bilingual helps! It’s funny, you know, when I arrived in Canada, I felt always so insecure with my accent. I dreamed of having no accent and to speak like Canadians (eh!) who were born here. I thought of taking accent reduction courses!!! Now as I am doing ASMR videos I realized to my surprise that accent is actually what makes people come back to my videos aside from the voice. I receive so many compliments on my accent and that it makes an ASMR experience “exceptional”. Now I decided I won’t take any accent reduction training for sure 🙂 I enjoy making videos in Russian too, however for some reason my tone is very different in Russian/Ukrainian.

What is a video you’ve been thinking of making for a while now?

Ohhhh I have a long list of videos that I’m excited to make. I know how people love roleplays of all kinds and this is going to be my main focus for now. As I am a big fan of yoga and enjoy doing it, I am thinking of making a yoga relaxation postures video with a soft voice overlay. As I mentioned I’m still a little shy — that said it will take me a bit more time to produce a yoga asanas video.

Who are your favorite ASMRtists?

I like WhispersAudiosWhispersRed and AccidentallyGraceful. To me, the most important is not their voice or their appearance but something that is hard to describe – the atmosphere that the person creates, their personality, how genuine and real the artist comes across; to me this is the recipe for the best ASMRtist. From a technical perspective, how can you not love MassageASMR!

Do you have any advice for others just starting out?

If you are ready to produce ASMR videos, be prepared to grow your patience, as this requires a lot of work.  You should really enjoy what you do otherwise it’s not worth it. Do not worry about the quality of your video or audio at first as, in my opinion, personality is what matters. People either love you or not, and the better equipment will follow with more time. Always communicate with your audience, as they are the judges of your success or feedback on areas of improvement. Treat your audience with respect and you will get it back. As you grow your channel, support new artists and never forget your humble beginning.

Thank you so much for joining me with this interview!

Thank you so much Bekah, it was a pleasure to talk with you!

Where to Find Sasha ASMR

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