ASMR Interviewed: Springbok ASMR

Springbok ASMR is a creator of videos that purposely trigger ASMR, which is described as a pleasant, tingly sensation in the scalp that extends down the back and out through the limbs. You can learn more about ASMR here. You can find Springbok ASMR’s videos here

Hi Springbok thanks so, so much for agreeing to talk to me.

No problem I would love to talk to you about kitties, the album, or even astrophysics if you like 🙂

What inspired you to start making ASMR videos?

I have always dealt with extreme pain and distress by channeling it into a good deed or a positive action. The day I made my first video was one of the heaviest of my life, and something about flipping on the camera and representing the kind, helpful person I tried to be was fortifying. That sounds selfish, but the community has uplifted me in more ways than I can possibly thank them for.

You are extremely talented and were noticed by people very quickly — what was that like for you?

Thank you. Candidly speaking, I am still not used to it. The original videos weren’t packed with any expectation. My channel grew fast, and I am (surprisingly, I think), a private person. I have a very dear, but close group of friends and no social media pages. I often feel unworthy of the support, but I would tell anyone else to take pride and gratitude from it. So that’s where I try to be.

What is the funniest / weirdest thing that has happened to you since SpringbokASMR was created?

Enough funny comments and messages have reached me that I’ve considered posting some to my blog. I like the weird rumours a lot. Some say I’m not married and wear a ring as a ruse to fend off men, some say I’m an actress hired by a bigger company, and many are certain I wear blue contacts. I like the legends—it makes me feel like Swamp Thing or the Loch Ness Monster. Keep the legends coming.

Do you practice your ASMR ‘softer’ voice? Do you sound different normally as you sound so sweet and kind online?

My vocalisation has many facets, like anyone. My “ASMR Voice” is how I talk to people and animals when I know they need to be soothed. It is a very natural way of talking to my dearest loved ones or people I sense are in distress. I also can be rather raucous and sarcastic if I’m in a bigger social situation and I’m certainly hyperbolic at times.

There’s a lot of squealing and shrieking if I see cute animals in the wild or a great new jumpsuit at Nordstrom. My brother also teases me for my “professor voice,” which comes out when I talk about poetry and philosophy. He’ll shout out me, “Can’t you ever just talk like a normal human?” I did my share of time as an executive earlier in my career, so I bring that professional demeanour to role-plays that require it. But all of them are real. They are just adaptations for given situations.

People, including myself, who struggle from mental health issues find your videos very relaxing, healing and helpful. In time do you think ASMR might be used as a mainstream aid in helping anxiety, depression and stress?

Thank you for being courageous enough to say that. I just recently announced my own lifelong struggle with bipolar and that was scary for me. But I have been working with The Painted Brain, a group that creates and uses art and creation to help fund their treatment, gain self-worth, and express their experience to the world. I am so proud of them, and of people who can just say it and know it doesn’t make you anything more or less than a person here in this world with all of us.

 Have you been recognised in real life?

Yes. How insane and precious is that? I even got a call from an old high-school friend who had a girlfriend. That girlfriend had a sister who wanted to show my old pal her favourite YouTuber, Springbok. The calls I got from that delighted me, and I made sure to reach out to tell her I was honoured to have her as a fan.

What tips would you give to an ASMR newbie or someone who wanted to start making their own videos?

Create your ideal ASMR experience. Do not worry if it looks, sounds, or feels like anyone else. My most popular videos have all been instinct and based off real experiences that trigger me. And don’t let anyone tell you how to do this—you’re creating a gift for us, so wrap it up with pride and give it with an open heart. We will love you for it.

 How does it feel having produced an entirely ASMR album?

It feels like my heart is a little higher in my chest—like it’s lifted. I thought of a few kinds of people when I conceptualised it. The weary traveler who gets anxiety flying and traveling, the sick person or supporting loved one who spend too much time in the hospital. Or the commuter or adventurer, who may not always have access to YouTube.

With them in mind, I created a variety of tracks to create comfort in those moments. I know now ASMR can soothe, entertain, stimulate, and calm, so each little journey or track is meant to do one of those things. And I’m proud of it all. I’m especially happy to read the poems and short stories because they are gifts given to our society that should be shared and shared. It is my privilege getting to pass them along.

Sadly Spring later decided that due to numerous personal difficulties and severe harassment from online trolls she was no longer able to continue on YouTube.  

After her initial departure announcement, there was a great outpouring of love and regret for one of the brightest stars of the ASMR community. However, very recently she announced she will be returning and I for one cannot wait!

Where to find Springbok ASMR

SpringBokASMR’s channel can be found here. If you make ASMR videos and wish to be interviewed, just send us a message with your ASMR channel, your email address and when a good time to talk would be.

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