How to Stop Undesirable YouTube Comments Before They Happen

We watch ASMR videos to relax. The last thing we want is to have that interrupted by some jerk leaving a rude comment and killing our zen. While most parts of YouTube have very consistent and widespread bullying in the comment section, the ASMR community breaks out of that mold. It’s much easier to find kind, encouraging comments around here than it is in other places. That said, people will post hate anywhere. So how do we read the supportive comments and ignore the crappy ones?

Some people try to teach them a thing or two, but that really doesn’t work. (Although I can say I’m not exempt to the temptation, and fail at restraint now and again.) You can go through the delete / ban dance all day, but the point is not having to see that stuff in the first place. You’d have to find a way to figure out what to get rid of before it even gets there.

Luckily, I had good ol’ Heather Feather to show me that there is a way!

First, you go to your Creator Studio,

filter 1


and click on the Community tab. You’ll see an option called Community Settings.

filter 2

You’ll see a section labeled “Blacklist.” That’s where you wanna be.

filter 3

What you wanna do is write in every keyword you can think of that, if a comment includes it, is almost definitely something you don’t want to read. Things like insults (you can have multiple words in the same tag, for example “**** you”), swears, slurs, violent verbs, and sexual terms. Anything you don’t want to see. Make sure to hit save before you leave the page!

Once you have your keywords set up, those comments won’t show up in your comment section, or in the main page in the Community tab. If you want to check to see if something decent got through, they get stored in a dark, horrid place called Held for Review. You can find it by going back to the main Community tab.

filter 4

There you can approve comments that got filtered out that had no reason to be there. But be warned, if your blacklisted terms are working, it’s bound to be a cesspool in there.

If you happen to get some really persistent people who try to get around the filter or use more simple words to attack you, just block them. There’s no reason to keep them around. They’re not helping anybody and you don’t owe anyone that space on your channel. You deserve to enjoy your time in the ASMR community, and so do those who are just trying to relax and read some comments while they’re at it.

So that’s it! A simple and easy way to prevent awful comments from showing up on your videos. In this case, ignorance truly is bliss. As I said, I learned all of this from Heather Feather, and it was so useful, that I thought I’d share it with you all. Make sure to go send her some love for her wonderful tips!

(Stock photo created by Corrie Howell.)

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