How to Handle Hate without Losing Your Mind (feat. Amalzd!)

There’s been a lot of discussion lately of how to deal with negative comments on ASMR videos lately, especially with the most recent incident of another ASMRtist leaving. And it’s not just a few of our content creators. It goes all the way to the to top with the more well-known artists. Amalzd, an ASMRtist with an astonishing 113,000 subscribers, deals with this as well.

“I receive hate / trolls on my videos every single day,” she says. “They tend to focus [mostly on] my appearance and ethnic background. Videos in which I show basically any part of me will have comments about how I dress, do my makeup, or generally present myself.”

It’s not news that females on the internet (and in life, in general) are nearly always being judged on their appearance, whereas males are more likely to be complimented on skill (Parisi and Wogan, 2006). But the comments are not limited to sexism.

“If I do a video about my culture, there will always be racist comments as well,” Amal adds.

It can be really challenging to figure out how to deal with rude people in the comment section, and while I would agree that blacklisting rude words so that comments with those words don’t show up, and then blocking and deleting the rest is probably the most painless way to go, it can sometimes leave us with a lack of closure and justice.

So what exactly do you to get that justice when the more extreme options don’t seem to fit the crime?

Amal has some answers here as well. “Sometimes I respond to rude comments in a sassy or aloof manner. Humorously responding usually is my go to though. Some of them can be crude, but that is part of my charm I suppose.”

While there may not be a study to back this one up, it definitely seems to shut up the more benign trolls when you don’t take them seriously. If you’re responding with jokes, they can’t really come up with an upsetting reply, because you can just continue the joke from there. I have a personal example below.



I definitely left that conversation chuckling as opposed to annoyed. While a serious, angry response might have just invited more trolls, replying with comedy tends to not attract the other flies buzzing around.

As Amal says to wrap it all up, “My advice to those dealing with hate on the internet is to just brush it off. That may seem hard to do, but it’s really the only way to deal with it. If you sit on it and think about it, those words could hurt you. Plus, some of the things being said are generally so outrageous that it’s pretty hard to even believe them. At the end of the day you shouldn’t let it affect you. No matter what you do or don’t do in life there will always be people who will be negative. If you let them control your state of mind then you’ll never get to enjoy much.”

And not to mention, it’s pretty fun, too.

What do you think? How do you handle hate? Do you respond seriously, humorously, or not at all? Tell us in the comments below!