Local Man Deeply Disturbed by the Presence of Mouth Sounds in a Mouth Sounds Video

Derek Wilson, age 32, was the victim of a tragic occurrence June 6th, 2015, where the innocent clicking on an ASMR video led to a night he would never forget.

“I was just looking for some tingles, not some girl yakking away with saliva dripping out of her mouth,” he said when interviewed by ASMRYouReady. “I knew this kind of thing went on, but I never thought it would happen to me.”

Wilson describes an overwhelming amount of fury and disgust as soon as the video began to play. In this moment of madness, he found his fingers wandering to his keyboard to write an unhappy comment on the video in question.

“I was in a panic. I did the only thing I could think of,” Wilson explains.

Wilson’s comment included much profanity as he expressed his surprise and distaste for the video he’d been subjected to for a whole 20 minutes.

While he admits the video had “mouth sounds” included in the title, Derek tells us that he decided to click on it anyway, saying, “You never know if this time it will be tapping. Or crinkling. But I was let down by the community I trusted most.”

Wilson’s attorney has released an official statement that he intends to unsubscribe from the ASMRtist in question and that he will not do any more interviews, saying “I just want to move on from this tragedy.”

As you should, Derek. As you should.

(Image used under Creative Commons license. Credit to Daniel Hoherd.)