What are the Tinglies? Well, like the Emmys or the Tonys, the Tinglies are the competition for the ASMR community. The whole point of our site is to bring the community together and get excited about the tingles, but even more about the lifeblood of it all: you all.

We know there is a metric ton of talented and creative ASMRtists out there, and we want you guys to shine. We know you can do it. Popularity isn’t going to factor in here. Whether you have no subscribers or 1,000, you will get your chance. Don’t worry if you don’t have a huge following. You are going to get your chance. You’re all unique and talented and that’s what matters here.

For those who don’t make videos, don’t worry! You can get involved, too! There’s lots of voting to do and of course it wouldn’t hurt if you spread the word and got people who do make videos to enter. You are just as important! Without you, there is no Tinglies.

Listen, we know ASMR is about relaxing and sleeping and all of that. But we think it’s time for us to wake up and have a little fun. And what better way than some friendly competition? So let’s have a party and get our game face on, ASMR style.

To learn more about the competition, voting, and the different stages, click the icons above. Red icons mean that that stage has ended. Green icons signify that that is the current stage.

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