Stage Three is the final stage. This is when four finalists are chosen from the entries by staff. After that, you all get to vote for one for whichever one you like best! This is crunch time and if you’re one of the finalists, you’ll want to spread the word and get as many votes as you can! Everyone gets one vote each (including those who are running!).

This voting period will last two weeks (see dates below). The finalist with the highest percentage of votes will become the Tinglies Champion! Their video will be featured on every page of our website until our next Tinglies competition, which would be around every few months. That is a lot of publicity and views. (And if you have monetization on your YouTube turned on, that’s something to think about!) After that… that’s it. The Tinglies champion will be posted in the Hall of Fame for all eternity. That’s pretty special.

Trigger Voting Dates:

Choose your favorite of the four finalists below to become the Tinglies Champion!

This round has ended! You’ll have to wait until next time!