Tingles Watching Sports: Have You Felt It?

Ever heard of the US Women’s National Team ASMR effect? Bear with me, if you will, and let me set the stage for you.

The brilliant, bright blue sky over head. The steaming heat of a sunny Southern California Saturday afternoon in July, 1999. The scrutiny of 90,000 eyes on the manicured pitch of the historic Memorial Colosseum set the stage for what was to be a defining moment in US and world sports history.

The scene is set for a young fullback for the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) to make history.

She, of the flowing, dirty blonde hair set in a pony tail steps up to the penalty spot to take the PK that, if she scores, will give the US women their 2nd World Championship in the short 8 year history of global women’s soccer.

I watched these women become living legends right before my eyes on TV that day. They fought and scraped against a very talented and organized Chinese team to a 0-0 tie after regulation, plus overtime.

Then came the penalty kicks, and that historic, drama-filled moment. The outcome rested on the left boot, of Brandi Chastain, a living legend, as she was a moment away from becoming… The score was tied 4-4 in PK’s. Brandi was the last shooter for the Americans.

I’m tingling as I write this by the way.

As she approached the penalty spot, I could feel an intense anticipation of what was about to happen. I then saw her place the ball on the spot, just so, taking great care to insure the ball was resting on the exact blade of grass that she wanted it on. She then backed up and ran her hands briefly through her hair, and as I write this, I’m getting the sense that that might have been the trigger for me…

What happened next, I’m sure most sports fans have seen numerous times over the past 16 years. Chastain runs up and shoots the ball past the Chinese goalkeeper’s outstretched arms, scoring the winning goal!

Just then, I remember seeing the ball rock the back of the net! I could hear the crowd erupt, and Brandi Chastain ripped her jersey off, exposing her athletic, ripped body (she had a sports bra on), pumping her fist, elated! YES! And then her teammates mobbed her in joyous celebration!

By that point, I was awashed in ASMR tingles up and down my back, my legs, my arms, and my head! This was my first USWNT ASMR tingle shower, but certainly not my last.  As I watched these 23 women celebrating the achievement of their life long goal, the shear joy on their faces was infectious, to say the least!

At my house, my family, friends, and I, were all jumping for joy along with them! This is still one of my favorite sports and ASMR moments. I think, being an ex- soccer player and coach, and loving the game, certainly made this moment more relatable for me. And therefore, probably more ASMRish, if you will. 

It wasn’t that long ago when I too, as young boy and high school soccer player, was dreaming of winning the World Cup. Plus, I’m from Colombia where soccer, or fútbol, as we call it in my home town, is a religion. A very exciting moment indeed! However, I’m convinced anyone can feel this type of ASMR, if you’re exposed to the heroics this team has exhibited over the past 25 years.

I didn’t say anything to any of my family members and friends that were there that day about the”tingles”. At that point in my life, I thought I was kind of a weirdo who felt these wonderful sensations that no one else I knew seemed to feel. Well, if they did, no one was talking about it, that’s for sure.

So, I’m curious. Have you ever had a similar experience, with a sports or a historic event? I would really like to hear about it. If so, leave me a comment. I’d love to read your story.