Top 5 ASMR Foreign Accent Videos (Non-Native English)

This series takes a detailed look at multiple works by different artists, within the same area of interest. If you have any recommendations for other categories or artists to be reviewed, please leave a comment below!

The ASMR impact of foreign languages is no doubt comparable to videos recorded in our native dialects. In a similar sense, “accents” can be triggering as well, even though the ASMRtist is speaking in English. The triggering effects of their non-native speech patterns make what they are saying become essentially secondary. Some artists’ accents are quite subtle while others are more prominent, but in either case, the triggering potential may still be present.

Featured below, are five artists’ who I feel best exemplify the concept of accents as functional triggers in ASMR productions. Watch their video examples and see if you don’t agree that, while their English language skills are exemplary, their native accents add measurably to the ASMR impact of their work.


1. DonnaASMR (German)

This talented ASMRtist has a slight, yet definitive, German accent. When viewing her videos, I almost immediately feel the triggering influence of her comforting accent. Regardless of what she is saying or doing in her videos, her accent tends to emerge as a definable feature and an additional trigger. The video selected here may be the one of the best examples of this concept as she is talking almost continuously throughout the recording. If you are triggered by accents, DonnaASMR should be on your shortlist of favorites.


2.  MissTingles (Danish)

This ASMRtist speaks English fluently, but there is just a touch of Danish influence in her softly spoken voice. Her soothing accent is subtle to be sure, but if you are affected or triggered by accents, you’ll most likely find this artist’s vocal intonations decidedly tingly and relaxing. Her ASMR techniques are superb as well, but MissTingles’ Danish accent contributes a positive addition to her recordings that most viewers will thoroughly enjoy.


3. The Auracle (British)

If you are triggered even in the slightest by British accents, look no further than The Auracle. Of course, there are many ASMRtists who nicely exhibit this lovely accent; but her version of the English language is, to my ear, exquisite! There is a quiet and peaceful elegance in the way she expresses herself verbally. And for me, and I’m sure many others, her vocal cadence can be a tingle producing trigger in the truest sense.


4. Sasha ASMR (Russian)

During a recent interview on this website, this relatively new ASMRtist revealed that she had once considered taking accent reduction courses. But upon noticing positive comments by several of her viewers, decided to retain her Russian accent and view it as a distinct feature of her videos. Sasha ASMR’s beautiful accent seems even more noticeable when she is speaking softly or whispering, making it the perfect complement to any ASMR recording. The vocal components of this artist’s videos make a strong argument for accents as legitimate tingle producing triggers.


5. Whisper Latina ASMR (Spanish)

Whisper Latina ASMR is one of our most prolific ASMRtists in terms of overall video production. Much of her artistic attention has been focused on “roleplays,” and no one does them better! She has an admirable command of the English language, but also records videos in her native Spanish. It is, however, her English-speaking videos, which reveal a tingly Spanish accent, placing her squarely into this discussion. As an excellent example of dialect enhanced ASMR, I cannot recommend any artist ahead of Whisper Latina ASMR.


In Conclusion

It should be noted that all of the artists mentioned in this article possess a commendable level of proficiency in the English language. It is, however, their unique phrasing and distinct speech patterns that add something special to each of their videos. If you find that you are triggered by the accents of non-native English speaking ASMRtists, you will have endless choices to experience. The examples featured here are merely a sampling of what the worldwide ASMR community has to offer.


Who is your favorite accent-blessed ASMRtist? Share it with us!

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Photo credit: Jamie Dobson Photography via / CC BY-NC-ND